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Anna, this is my favorite post so far.

So authentic about your feelings, your process, and your understanding that

a change needed to happen.

This is part of being a human, and a medium.

I can relate better to you now as a human being, especially helpful was this Powerful Modeling by you.

Your honesty, insight, awareness, and strength to make changes in the face of your original vision, This is magical to me , and more than many of the other stories are ,very valuable.

Modeling is such a powerful and important influence on us humans.

Thank you Anna ,so much, for sharing your emotions and process.

Wendy Anne McCourt

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Wendy, thank you so much for this validating message! It means a lot to me. It was a really interesting process for me and felt very much aligned and part of the discovery for me to write to you all about it. I will keep following the energy and showing up to share. Yes to modeling consciously! As a parent this is especially important to me. :)

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